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The change to streams of goods which took place in the 1990's and the increase in exchange of goods occasioned by relocating production abroad meant that logistics tasks became ever more complex.

Komm Logistik recognised the sign of the times. In 1993, the company was one of the 7 co-founders of the medium-sized corporate group CTL
Today, CTL ( constitutes a logistics network made up of a total of 130 SME and major partner companies. This provides our customers with access to every European centre of trade and industry. We use one of the leading general cargo systems in Europe as a vehicle for coordinating your procurement and distribution processes in a systematic manner.

The transport network operated by our cooperation partner CTL means that distribution and procurement of general cargo (CLASSIC) can usually be achieved within 24/48 hours. Any consignment you entrust to us today is usually in the hands of its recipient by tomorrow or by the day after tomorrow at the latest. Receipt is recorded by scanner, and the delivery report is entered into our IT system without delay. This information tool is made available on request and provides you with complete transparency, enabling you to track the whereabouts of your delivery in real time.

The choice of delivery service is up to you. Choose from individual delivery times (express, fixed schedule) and special products such as Explosive [for hazardous goods] and XXL [for bulk goods].

The CTL system also provides secure transportation for your small goods deliveries (SMALL-CLASSIC) and adheres to the usual delivery times stated above. Modern equipment (conveying and sorting plant) and the commitment of the staff at CTL make sure that your deliveries find their way to the right recipient and that they arrive on time. Every night, every day, anywhere.

Komm Logistik ...a name to rely on

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