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Contract logistics is the very pinnacle of logistics services. This sort of cooperation involves a long-term agreement between a manufacturer/trader and a logistics provider based on achieving a division of labour between the two parties. Such cooperation is normally regulated via a contract.

This is a field in which we are able to draw upon many years of experience in a wide variety of branches, such as procurement and distribution logistics, the processing of major campaigns for discount chains, the automotive industry, media, consumer goods, white and brown goods, carpet logistics and many more besides.

We will not advise you until we have heard what you have to say.

Being a good listener is, however, only part of the process. The next stage is to come to the correct conclusions. In order to do so, experience and an instinct for a customer's specific requirements are needed.

We enable you to see more of what is possible by taking our thought processes one stage further.

This provides you with all the reassurance you need that excellent logistics concepts will be brought to bear in order for your requirements to be realised rapidly, coherently and precisely in accordance with your wishes.

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